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Some people prefer to sharpen their knives by hand, using sharpening stones or whetstones.To sharpen knives whiteout 
having any guide to show which angles to use is hard and only for the skilled people. However Spyderco Tri-angle 
sharpmaker helps you with that and makes the sharpening process a lot easier for you.The spyderco sharpmaker 
comes with an instruction book and a dvd so anyone can learn to use this sharpener.

The spyderco sharpmaker

Spyderco's triangular sharpening rods are fitted into a plastic holder at preset angles,users hold the knife and pull in cutting strokes against one rod and then the other.The ceramic rods of the sharpener is harder then traditional natural stones, hard carbide knives has a tendency to "eat" natural stones,this will not happen if 
you use the ceramic rods of this knife sharpener.
The spyderco sharpmaker can sharpen ANY knife, household knives and hobby knives,fishing knives,pocket knives,shop tools, thick or thin, conventional or serrated and it can even sharpen fishhooks,punches ,awls, scissors and darts .The spyderco sharpener sharpens Asian knives(15 degree angle) and your conventional(20 degree angle) knives.

The spyderco sharpmaker inholds:
one pair of high quality medium-grit (brown) triangle stones for aggressive sharpening and one pair of high quality 
fine-grit (white) triangle stones for professional-grade finishing and a set of brass safety rods to protecting your 
hands while sharpening. All components snap into the self-contained ABS plastic base and lid, and are ready to travel.
                                           The base is drilled so you can bolt it to a table if you want.
The good: easy to use( after a little bit of learning), It works as advertised ,lifetime warranty,can sharpen 15+20 degree angle knives both plain and serrated, very good quality. Good value for the money, especially when you consider it will last for many years.highly recommended by testers at the Los Angeles Times and eGullet.org.
The bad: If you have very poorly cared for knives or knives that are made from very hard steel, you need the coarse diamond chip embedded stone.(Diamond SharpMaker Stones), they can be bought separately in pairs.

 Review summary:
 The Sharpmaker has a professional quality. Spyderco started producing knife sharpeners 1978 and have thousands of satisfied buyers.The sharpener is compact, and good value for the money, especially when you consider it will 
last for many years. Dvd included does a great job of explaining how to sharpen almost anything all the way down to a potato peeler. Spyderco sharpmaker can handle serrated and straight-edged knives — a rare feature in manual sharpeners.

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Why you should buy a knife sharpener

As a matter of fact a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. A sharp knife requires little force, so it's easier to control. A dull knife can slip off food and cut the user. The force needed to make a cut with a dull knife causes the user to lose control and cause injury.The user is more likely to treat a sharp knife carefully. You will also save money by sharpening all your knives yourself.

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