Knife care

A knife care guide from sharpen kitchen knives at home.

Keeping your kitchen knives

The best ways to keep your knives is to store them in a knife block or you hang them on a magnetized rack,don´t store them loose in the drawer.

Where to cut

Use only wooden boards or plastic boards,boards made of glass,ceramic,marble,granite or other boards with a hard surface will damage the cutting edge of the knife blade.

Cleaning your kitchen knives

Some knives are made for hand wash only,wash them of with soap and hot water and dry them with a clean cloth or a paper towel.Cleaning your knives in the dishwasher may cause cracks in the wooden handles,certain knives can also rust.There is a big risk of cutting your self when reaching into the dishwasher for your sharp kitchen knife!

Knife care

Wooden handles can "dry out" so handles as well as the knife blade should be oiled now and then.You should use food-grade mineral oil for this purpose, not vegetable oil.To keep your knives sharp, you need to sharpen your kitchen knives every now and then.

We hope this web page about knife care has been useful to you!


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