Global knives review

Global knives reviewGlobal knives are manufactured by Yoshikin, Japan.The two most innovative features of Global knives are their sharp edge and the way they are balanced. Global knives are hand made in one piece from the butt of the non-slip handle to the point of the blade using the finest stainless steel.  

HARD AND RASOR SHARP                                                                                                   

The knives are ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-58 using Molybdenum and Vanadium which holds a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion. Theese kitchen knives cuts through your steak, vegetables and fruits with ease, like a hot knife through butter whiteout getting dull.This steel is hard enough for the knives to keep their edge for a long time, but soft enough so that it is not too difficult to sharpen the knives. 


Each kitchen knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand.Global knives uses a hollow handle which is then filled with just the right amount of sand to create the correct balance. Global uses this method rather than using a full tang and bolster to balance their knives.( Shake the knife close to your ear and you will hear the sand within the handle).


Theese professional chef knives are favored today by most high ranking chefs in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants and are featured regularly on television cooking shows in the hands of the most celebrated chefs. Even as the Global straight edge gets dull it is still much thinner, and therefore, much sharper than other knife brands on the market. The smooth contours and seamless construction eliminate food and dirt traps,offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.


You may be tempted by "no-maintenance" knives, which are supposed to last a lifetime without sharpening. However, i did not find good reviews for this type of knives. Experts and home cooks agree that you are better off buying a high-quality knife and taking the trouble to maintain its edge.


Fake global knives- how do they look?

  • Shake the handle of the knife near your ear- you should hear the sand moving about inside the hollow handle.
  • The dimples on the handle should go in straight lines in four different directions.The black in the dimples is not paint – it is a darker shade of the metal, If you can see paint outside the dimple it is a fake.
  •  Cut something hard like an onion with the knife. If you've never used a Global before and it is genuine then you'll know it – they come out of the factory as sharp as anything you have ever used.
  •  Global knives are perfect balanced,balance the knife on your finger at the point where the handle joins the blade – it should balance in a horizontal position. if it tips forward or backwards then it is a fake.
  •  There should be the knife model number present and other markings,the logo should be anodized onto the blade- not painted. Go to the Global website to compare!


 Are They Worth The Cost?

Yes, experts generally say it's better to invest in a few good professional chef knives (quality) knives that you will actually use than to buy a full set of cheaper knives, half of which may never leave the drawer. If you buy knives in a set of three, you will generally get a chefs knife, a paring knife and some kind of utility knife Global G2338 3-Piece set , just ad a serrated bread knife and your kitchen knife collection is complete!

 Good: incredibly sharp, perfect balance, light weight, cool looks, all-metal, stays sharp for years. No wooden handles that needs to be oiled in.
 Bad: pricey, but you get what you pay for: real high quality professional chef knives.

Global knives review tips & Warnings:

* Never put a Global knife in the dishwasher,Global knives will loose their edge faster if they are allowed to rattle around inside a dishwasher.          
 * Wash with soap and warm water; dry before putting the knife in storage.
*  Keep knives away from children.
* Test the newly sharpened edge of a Global knife on a piece of soft fruit instead of touching it.
* Be aware of fake copies of global knives, buy knives from a trusted dealer.
]My global G-55, with 7-inch blade(18 cm)
* The back end tip of the global knife is a little bit sharp (Just where my index finger is).

 Review Summary:
I highly recommend Global knives,they are well balanced,very sharp,easy to clean. Sure they cost a little but they are really worth it. Cooking is now more fun,i use my knife Global G-2 – 8 inch, 20cm Chef's Knife for cutting meat and shopping fruits and vegetables. I know that i will use my global knives for the rest of my life, buy just one or a whole set, i know you won´t regret it!
Buy it,  use it,  Love it!
Global knife owners love their knives!
If you click on a blue text link on this page you will come to Take your time and read all the positive testimonials written there by real buyers, there´s hardly any negative testimonials at all. People from all over the US and even from other parts of the world will tell about the sharpness, quality and how comfortable the these knives are. Global knives are very popular among professional chef´s and home cooks , buying these knives are an investment because with the right care they will hold for a lifetime and will stay sharp and as good as new for years.
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