Global knife set

Global Knife Set

Global knife sets are used and loved by professional chefs and home cooks worldwide and are highly recommended. A Global knife set is an excellent choice for the passionate home cook. Look into a set of Global knives if you want knives that can handle heavy daily use. Global Knife Sets offer tremendous value over individually bought knives so why not buy a Global knife set instead of just buying one knife. Each Global knife set is a little different, no knife set is really better than the others, it´s mostly about personal preference and what kind of knife cutting you need to do in the kitchen. A money saving tip: These Global knife sets are sold by,  Amazon usually have the lowest price and free shipping too.

Global Knife Set-3 Piece

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This Global knife set contains 3 of the best selling versatile knives. 
 These 3 knives will cover most all of your daily cooking needs
This Global knife set can cut just about anything you might work with, from fruits and vegetables to steaks.
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Global G-2338 – 3 Piece Starter Knife Set with Chef's, Utility and Paring Knife


Global Knife Set-3 Piece Santoku

This Global knife set includes a 7-inch hollow ground santoku, a 5-1/4-inch utility knife, and a 3-1/2-inch paring knife. The santoku knife is made for chopping/slicing onions, peppers, herbs and meat in thin pieces, perfect for those who likes to cook Asian style food. The Santoku knife, has a scallop pattern that helps release pieces of food from the knife.


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Global G-48338 – 3 Piece Knife Set with Santoku – Hollow Ground, Utility and Paring Knife

Global knife set 6-Piece with Block with black Dots

This knife set contains 7" Asian cook´s knife, 8,25" carving knife, 8.75" bread knife, 5.25" utility knife, 4" paring knife plus stainless steel counter top storage block with black dots on side of block. Slice, chop, dice and mince with this bigger set of knives,Global knives are perfectly Balanced and holds an edge like no other knives.

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Global G-835/WSD – 6 Piece Knife Set with Block with Black Dots



Global knife set – 9 Piece set with Block

This big Global knife set is probably every serious home cook´s wet dream, this knife set contains:7" Asian cook's knife, 8.25" carving knife, 8.75" bread knife, 6" serrated utility knife, 5.5" vegetable knife, 5.25" utility knife, 4" paring knife and 3" paring knife plus stainless steel counter top storage block.
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Global G-888/91ST – 9 Piece Knife Set with Block

About Global knife sets

This highly recommended award-winning cutlery from Japan is carefully balanced for your comfort and control. Each Global knife set contain light weighted knives with an excellent balance . The secret behind the perfect balance is the hollow handle filled with a precise amount of sand. The perfect molded shape of the handles help keep hands from getting tired when chopping, this is very good if you do a lot of cooking in your home or at your restaurant.

The long lasting sharpness and durability of  the Global knives are well known worldwide. Each knife in the global knife set is hand made in one piece using the finest stainless steel, vanadium and Molybdenum. The knives are hardened to Rockwell C56-58 which makes the knives hold a razor sharp edge much longer than any other knives. The razor sharp and thin blade allows the user to cleanly slice through foods. Every knife in a Global knife set has a dimpled, comfortable non-slip grip handle to ensure a safe grip.

 The seamless design of the Global knives make them easy to clean and hygienic by eliminating spots for food and dirt to get caught. Best is to wash the knife by hand and dry with the towel.All of the knives in the Global knife set are made with 18% Chromium, this helps them resist stains,rust and corrosion. 
Global knife owners love their knives!

If you click on one link below the knife sets on this page you will come to your time and read all the positive testimonials written there by real buyers,there´s hardly any negative testimonials at all. People from all over the US and even from other parts of the world will tell about the sharpness,quality and how comfortable the Global knives are.Global knives are very popular among professional chef´s and home cooks , buying these knives are an investment because with the right care they will hold for a lifetime and will stay sharp and as good as new for years.
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