Best electric knife sharpener Third choice

Best electric knife sharpener Third choice

 electric knife sharpener

This sharpener comes with an rounded design and most people thinks it fits well in the kitchen. Presto Pro Electric sharpener can produce razor-sharp knives in just minutes. It has blade guides to automatically hold the knife to the right angle.The Presto Pro can sharpen kitchen knives and sporting knives and can sharpen one sided serrated knives too.

All knives, high quality or low quality needs to be sharpened sooner or later.This electric sharpener makes your knives razor sharp again using fast rotating sapphirite grinding wheels.

Presto pro eversharp uses a 2-stage system, first stage sharpens the knife and the second stage hones the knife using blade guides to hold the knife at the ideal sharpening angle for each side of the blade.

The electric sharpener is suitable for sharpening knives made of alloy, high carbon steel or stainless steel, non-electric serrated knives that are only serrated on one side can also be sharpened with this sharpener.

Buyers have been complaining about loud noice and a under powered motor. The loud noice is a little bit exaggerated, you can´t expect a electric sharpener to be quiet. The motor could be taken as  under powered if you press the knife to hard in to the sharpener, this is normal.


Why you should buy a knife sharpener

As a matter of fact a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. A sharp knife requires little force, so it's easier to control. A dull knife can slip off food and cut the user. The force needed to make a cut with a dull knife causes the user to lose control and cause injury.
The user is more likely to treat a sharp knife carefully. You will also save money by sharpening all your knives yourself.

Best electric knife sharpener third choice


Product size: 8-1/4 by 5-3/4 by 4 inches                                                                               

Product Prize: $30-$40

One year limited warranty.

The good Low prize, nice design, easy to use. Some people claims that Presto Pro has an under powered motor but they have probably pressed down the knife too hard.You should NEVER press down the knife hard, it will eat away the blade of the knife. Always read the instructions before you use an knife sharpener.

The bad:This electric sharpener may not be the first choice for the pro chef, but it is a very good budget alternative for home users and it has many satisfied owners.                                                           

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