Best electric knife sharpener Second choice

Best electric knife sharpener Second choice

This high quality sharpener is an affordable alternative to pricier electric sharpeners. If we compare it to the Chef´s choice 120-model,the 110-model takes about twice the time to sharpen your knives and instead of guiding springs (for the right angle when sharpening) the 110-model has magnetic guides witch aren´t as accurate as spring guides,but don´t let that scare you off, this is still a very good electric knife sharpener.

Chef´s choice 110 provides a three-stage precision sharpening with 100% diamond abrasive that will never detemper and works well for gourmet chef knives, common kitchen knives butcher knives and sporting knives.

Chef´s choice 110 can not properly sharpen serrated knives but can "improve" serrated knives making them a little sharper. (For a complete sharpening of serrated knives Chef´s choice recommends Chef´s choice 120 or 320 models).

For top-quality edges, there are two sharpening and honing stages and a final polishing stage. Each stage uses precision angle guides to create a unique "Trizor-plus edge for maximum sharpness and durability, and a magnetic pad collects residue so the machine is easy to clean and maintain.

 Chef's Choice really does make home sharpening possible, and easy.When a knife seems dull you can run it through the whole sharpening process (once every 4-6 months with a high quality knife that gets a fair amount of use), but to keep your knives constantly razor sharp,just run them through the second stage a few times as soon as they're washed. That way they're always ready to use.


Why you should buy a knife sharpener

As a matter of fact a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. A sharp knife requires little force, so it's easier to control. A dull knife can slip off food and cut the user. The force needed to make a cut with a dull knife causes the user to lose control and cause injury.
The user is more likely to treat a sharp knife carefully. You will also save money by sharpening all your knives yourself.

Best electric sharpener second choice

Product size: 13.2×11.2×17.1 inches

Product prize: $74-$110       

Two-year limited warranty.

The good: The prize, sharpens really well, high quality."Cooks illustrated" highly recommends it.

The bad: not designed for sharpen serrated knives. But can improve them a little, making them a bit sharper.

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