Sharpen Kitchen Knives

This sharpen- kitchen- knives- guide will show you some of the most popular kitchen tools for sharpening knives.These sharpeners are made for sharpening your common stainless steel knives and high carbon steel knives and they all have angle guides- so no previous sharpening skills are required ! Save your money and time – Start sharpen your knives at home!

 Read more about how to sharpen kitchen knives bellow or go directly to the reviews of the different knife sharpeners to the Wright.                                                   

 Best electric knife sharpener First Choice

 electric knife sharpenerThis high quality sharpener is one of the best electric knife sharpeners.Chef´s choice 120 sharpens quiet and quickly and sharpens your knives in 3 stages,2 sharpening stages and 1 polishing stage.

Chef´s choice 120 sharpens your kitchen knives, butcher knives, sporting knives and your serrated knives and it´s totally safe for sharpening high quality knives. Read more…….


Best electric knife sharpener Second choice

Chef´s choice 110 provides a three-stage precision sharpening with 100% diamond abrasive that will never detemper and works well for gourmet chef knives, common kitchen knives butcher knives and sporting knives. Read more…


Best electric knife sharpener Third choice

 electric knife sharpenerThis sharpener comes with an rounded design and most people thinks it fits well in the kitchen. Presto Pro Electric sharpener can produce razor-sharp knives in just minutes. It has blade guides to automatically hold the knife to the right angle.The Presto Pro can sharpen kitchen knives and sporting knives and can sharpen one sided serrated knives too. Read more….

Best manual knife sharpener

Best knife sharpenerThis manual knife sharpener is not only made to sharpen kitchen knives, it can also sharpen sporting knives,crafting knives,hunting knives, so many different kind of knives can be sharpened with this knifesharpener. Read more….


  Best manual Knife sharpener second choice

best manual knife sharpeners This handy sharpener sharpens and hones in one pull. 8 diamond fingers are set at an ideal sharpening angle for your knives and you will need no special skills to use the Furi ozitech.The knife sharpener comes in a handy pocket size case so you can take it with you when camping,hunting fishing and off course it will sharpen your finest kitchen knives at home too. Read more….

Best manual Knife sharpener Third choice

accusharp 001

This manual knife sharpener can sharpen any double edge blade. Accusharp 001 handles chef ‘knives,(kitchen knives) fishing knives, hunting knives, filet knives, plain and even serrated blades. It can even sharpen axes, machetes and arrow blades. Read more….


“Why should i buy a knife sharpener and do i need to sharpen my kitchen knives?”

All knives, cheap or expensive needs to be sharpened sooner or later and if you value your knives you will need a sharpener to hand.Sharpen kitchen knives at home is easy and a knife sharpener is a good investment that will make your heavily worked out knives as good as new again.Buy one for yourself or why not as a gift to someone you care for.

 Having dull knives in the kitchen can be both irritating and dangerous. A dull knife needs an extra force and can slide off the product instead of cutting it. A sharp knife will glide through more easily allowing you to use a proper cutting technique leaving little opportunity of cutting yourself.

“Some people likes to sharpen knives by hand-why not use an whetstone or a sharpening steel?”

Unless the user is highly skilled, the edge created on a conventional sharpening stone will not be as sharp or as strong as an edge created by a professional home sharpener with built-in angle guides. To stay sharp longer, a knife-edge must be perfectly symmetrical (in an angle of about 22,5 degrees). If it leans to one side it will fold more quickly. Traditional stones provide no angle guides to help create a symmetrical edge.Sharpen kitchen knives using this method is time consuming and requires skill and effort.

The traditional sharpening steel does not sharpen; it maintains the edge by unfolding it. this straightened edge is still weak and quickly folds again. Eventually, the edge breaks off or folds so tightly that it can’t be straightened with a steel and must be reshaped. Using a steel requires significant skill and practice. To be effective at all, the steel must be used after every 10 to 50 cuts, before the edge folds over too much to straighten. True sharpening removes the old weak edge and reshapes a new stronger edge.You must use an angle of about 22,5 degrees on both sides when you use a sharpening steel ,not a very easy skill to learn and then try to do it fast like the pro che´s do!

“Can electric sharpeners eat away the blades when sharpening my knives?

A couple of years ago, this was true, however, the new electric knife sharpeners is safe for quality knives. Most single stage electric knife sharpeners (especially “free” sharpeners built into the back of electric can openers) can damage knives. They use harsh abrasives which throw sparks and they remove too much metal and can gouge knives. These sharpeners provide no angle control and cannot produce a strong, symmetrical edge. The new safe sharpeners uses 100-percent diamond abrasives and built-in precision sharpening angle guides, safely creating a stronger arch-shaped edge that resists dulling two- to three-times longer than conventionally sharpened edges. A real knife sharpener is always the best tool when you want to sharpen kitchen knives.

“I`m not an expert-is it difficult to sharpen my knives?”
No,it is easy as 1-2-3, modern knife sharpeners have built-in precision angle guides and easy instructions all to eliminate all the guesswork,anyone can sharpen kitchen knives in the comfort of their homes or in their restaurants.

  Knife Angle

Most kitchen knives are sharpened in an angle of 20-22 degree, Asian knives are sharpened in an angle of 15 degree,they are therefore sharper. If you have both common 20-22 degree knives and Asian knives at home you can take that in consideration when buying a knife sharpener.

This guide will show knife sharpeners made for knives with 20-22 degree angle.This is the most common knife style when you want to sharpen kitchen knives in USA, UK ,CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE.

What is serrated knives used for?

A serrated knife is a knife that has sharp and jogged notches. This can be used in cooking as well as when eating. This is usually used for cutting bread, tomatoes, steak and vegetables with skin. It prevents the bread from being crushed and gives you a perfect cut on your tomatoes. There are different sizes of serrated knife. The size of blade to use depends on the ingredients that you will be cutting. However, knowing the basic steps on how to use this will make it easier for you to get the cut that you need. This can also make eating easier because you can use this to cut steaks. A plain knife is best for peeling, push cuts and clean cuts. A serrated knife is best for slicing tough or hard surfaces.

  • Some sharpeners can sharpen serrated knives and some don´t.                                                 
  • Some sharpeners are electric,some are manual .                                                 
  • Some sharpeners wear out quicker than others.
  • Some sharpeners are easy to use,some needs some learning.

As you can see it´s a jungle of questions and sharpeners out there!

I have done all the work for you.

There is no need to send your knives to an professional when you can save money and time by sharpening your knives at home!

This guide will help you to find the most popular and well known kitchen knives sharpeners,both electrical and manual and with price ranges between $10- over $100. So,check out  the”Best knife sharpeners” links at the upper wright corner and read about witch tool to use when it´s time to sharpen your knives!

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